THIS is why you fail

By January 26, 2015Exercise

Avoid these at all costs and you will never ask why you fail

I told you about this before. You know, when we talked about plateaus and how to avoid them. To review, we covered the first of three elements of effort.

To recap, the first three are

  • Speed
  • Position
  • Tension

Now, you have two more coming your way.


Number four on the list of elements of effort is failure.

SAID Principle

This principle–Specific adaptation to imposed demands–makes it perfectly clear.

The SAID Principle means that we will get good at what we do. You’ve seen gym bros who bench too much. They look like they bench too much

Their bodies look well conformed to a barbell.

They have trouble reaching behind them.

If we follow the SAID Principle logically, and you are training to failure EVERY workout, then you will get good at failing.

So, avoid failure and you will increase your abilities.

There is a bit of a classic saying that goes something like this, “Training to failure is training to fail.”

Don’t believe me? Yoda saying to Luke Skywalker, "That is why you fail."



After you work to muscle failure, you will likely encounter some pain if you don’t stop. Definitely a contributing factor to why you fail to reach certain goals.

Look around your average gym. And after you look, listen.

You will usually hear someone complaining about nagging aches and pains as the result of too much effort.

Not knowing when to quit. Not having a great teacher.

Too much of the same old stuff. Not enough variety.

Don’t do yourself like that. I once heard a great rock band say, “It ain’t a crime to be good to yourself.”

That was KISS. And they were right.

All of the previous elements are not necessarily the cause of pain, but they can be associated. I don’t want you to work through each one to find out, that’s for damn sure.


If you have ignored everything here up to now, that is why you fail. I don’t want you to fail. You will likely not want to fail either. So do yourself a favor, and don’t train for it.

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