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By September 4, 2015Exercise

How to leverage the Sith Code for maximum Gainz

So we talked about using the Jedi Code for pain relief (which yields more progress).

The approach there was one of eustress, which is essentially a type of stress that is easy to resolve.

To use the Sith Code, we will venture into the realm of distress, that is, the type of stress that is more difficult for the body to resolve.

One is sustainable over the long haul, the other will have a high payoff in a shorter amount of time (but could potentially have some negative adaptations as well).

The Sith Code Pioneer, Darth Bane

So, let’s talk about these terms.

Eustress (the Jedi Code)

In terms of training, and the type that we promote at The Movement, the eustressful way is that of listening to your body.

By doing so, you will be able to go on a more sustainable training path by way of working with yourself, and not against it.

Doing so will expand your limits safely, reduce the risk of injury, and won’t lead you to psychological burn out.

Distress (the Sith Code)

If you have seen Star Wars, the difference should make sense to you.

The Sith and their force powers are seen as potentially dangerous to yield for too long a period of time, as evidenced when the Emperor electrocuted Samuel L. Jackson and disfigured himself in the process.

So too it is with the distress training.

But when is it necessary?

When you need to get better in a short amount of time so that you don’t have to worry about it later.

If it’s a skill you need to practice for life or for sport, it will help to practice it when it isn’t always a good idea.

The only thing that matters in this instance is if you are getting better at your life and sport.

You do enough to get you to the point that you want to be.

The Sith Code

The Sith Code in Action

So here are some good examples of when to use the Sith Code, in life, and in sport.

Mixed Martial Arts

If you are a fighter, you will get to a point where you will have to fight.

Whether it is eustressful or not, you will have to go into a cage, and fight several rounds for time.

You can set the timer and go hard and fast by the timer’s decree, keeping whatever you do during the time as eustressful or as distressful as you want.

This also reinforces the SAID principle.

Specific Adaptation to Imposed Demand, means you will get better at what you practice.

If you are a fighter, getting better is the only option, and it may be distressful.

Your Job

This is something I kind of wish I had done myself.

Starting a business is distress.

It’s a real load of time, and energy and it can wreck you.

When talking to my coach, one Adam T. Glass, he asked if I would rather be distressed now when I don’t need the money or be distressed when I am in dire straits?

Pretty simple.

Do the distressful task of attaining more money, wealth, research for a promotion, when you aren’t backed into a corner.

Otherwise, wait and be fucked.

There’s not much more to say on that.


We don’t want to traverse the path of the Dark Side too often.

The consequences won’t be enjoyable.

We want to strive for the minimal effective dose of distress and let it make us better, not worse.

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