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By January 6, 2015Exercise

Three Reasons why the Judgment Free attitude can help you succeed

There is a disturbingly alarming trend among the “hardcore” gym rats wherein they berate the business model of a certain type of gym, like those similar to Planet Fitness. Not only do they berate the business model of the gym, but it turns into berating the members as well.

And that isn’t good.

The types of places are often easy to discern. They can be identified as follows:

  • Most of their equipment is comprised of machines
  • Most of the dumbbells are below 100lbs
  • Most of the members aren’t getting better at anything
  • Most of those same members stop coming after a while (and retain their membership)

It can even be said that the management of the gym and the trainers there don’t give a shit about your progress.

But this attitude is not bad for you to have.

A judgement free attitude can help you succeed where you failed at a gym with the Planet Fitness business model.

You are not part of the Planet Fitness market

When I go to a gym–any of the multiple ones I go to–I go there for one thing. That one thing is to get better. To that end, I will likely go often.

If you read this, you will likely go often too. You and I are not their market. You and I don’t fall into the game of helping their membership numbers, but keeping them at low capacity. Their rules don’t apply.

We do, however, have many other places and resources you can turn to if you actually want to see results.

More to the point, berating a business model–especially one you are well aware of as far as how it works and do not agree with–is the same as being a Buddhist monk and talking shit about the store that sells habits for nuns to wear.

It’s fruitless. Don’t judge. Take your business somewhere else.

You are not being specific enough

My coaches and I follow something called the specificity spectrum.

This is how we train for our specific goals. Learn more here.

If you are judging the members and clientele of a given place, how much attention are you really giving to your own goals?

Here’s a hypothetical situation. And by that I mean, it may or may not have occurred.

I posted a facebook status about being strong (I am) and also checked into a gym similar to the one in the title (it suited my specific goals at the time).

A guy commented and said, “yeah is that why you work out THERE?” and in so doing, passed judgment on me. When he could have been spending his time tending his own garden.

You are not wanted

The picture above sums it up. It is a critic free zone. If you don’t need/want a critic, go to this place.

If you do, fork over the money and pay someone to be a critic. People pay for it, and I pay people for the same. It is a simple process.

Critical thinking yields progress. History shows us that.

If a place doesn’t want that sort of thing, get the fuck out and go somewhere else. “When the student is ready, the teacher will appear,” an old proverb says.


Go to where you’re wanted, or don’t pass judgment. Make every zone a judgment free zone, since you don’t know the stories of others, and you undoubtedly have your own needs to meet with your own standards. Comment below and let me know what you think, or join the conversation here.

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