I know you are no stranger to the bevy of fitness information out there.

Even worse, with that wide array of information, the more you look, the more contradictions you find. Some people say, “don’t eat carbs.” Others,

“Carbs are fucking great!”

And still, some say you can eat carbs, just not past 6pm (I truly feel bad for anyone who adheres to that bit of dogma).

You’ve tried that, and it didn’t work for you. Sad face.

But that’s ok.

“Thanks to Peter’s guidance I LOST over 200 POUNDS and I FEEL better than Ever.”
– Jim Barrett, Friend and Client
Peter Baker Fitness

It’s not your fault

Hey, I’m Peter Baker. And I’ve helped all kinds of people reach their true heroic potential. From record setting powerlifters, to people who just wanted to run a mud run with their friends on the weekend.

Now, I am going to help you.

I put together a simple email course detailing what kind of things to expect as you embark on your hero’s quest.

You’ll learn

  • How your state of mind can influence your gym performance
  • One thing you’re not doing that will increase your results beyond what you thought possible
  • How your physical training will influence you beyond just how you look
  • Action steps you can take to keep your quest alive

And even more after that.

So go ahead, sign up, and enjoy your learning over the next several days.

And if you need anything at all, don’t hesitate to ask.

Talk soon,



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