A Transformative Story

By June 1, 2017Exercise

Esther’s Journey

Meet Esther. She was ready to embark on a life changing experience and make some sweet strength gains and fat losses as part of the totality of her fitness transformation. Woe unto her, previous efforts yielded minimal results. She then contacted me.

We spoke of was and when, and next, I cracked my knuckles and finished my bottle of spirits ready to embark on my part of the journey to help her succeed. And while I did have a hand in it, the real credit goes to Esther for putting in the work—no easy task, mind you, due to being thousands of miles away on another continent.

And while I did have a hand in it, the real credit goes to Esther for putting in the work—no easy task, mind you, due to being thousands of miles away on another continent.

esther's fitness transformationThe Changes

So what were the changes? Well, the workouts for one. Strength training is wonderful. But it’s only a small part of the bigger picture. Strength focuses on the weight you lift. But for her body composition goals, we had to up the volume. In short, volume is the amount of total weight you lift in a workout. So if you Deadlift 200lbs for ten reps, you have accumulated 2000 pounds of volume. For body composition, you need a fuck load of that. So that’s what I gave her. One exact fuck load of volume.

The other puzzle piece is density. Density is the volume performed in time. If you take that 2000 pounds of volume from above and complete it in five minutes on Monday, and then on Wednesday it takes four minutes, you have a more dense workout.

Combine those two factors with the strength, and you have a winning recipe.

Next, she fixed her diet. I often make fun of the ketogenic diet because of the overzealous followers, but she likes it. And she is compliant on it. And in the context of a caloric deficit, that’s what matters the most. Not my beliefs, not my personal practices, of any other long-standing dogma I may or may not be aware of. But no matter what you or I believe, the best diet is that diet which a person will stick to.

It has to be sustainable.

More than that, it is not something you can easily find. It’s not something that takes place in a week. It could take years. And on top of that, it will not always be the same. To quote Warren Zevon:

The shit that used to work won’t work now.

But it is part of the process. And the framework is the same. The basics.

Like knowing you have to eat protein.

Knowing you have to eat enough.

Knowing you have to train hard.

So with that, she lost 25lbs since September. It might not seem like a lot, but remember:

  1. Unless you plan on dying, enjoy the experience
  2. Treat it as an experiment and don’t give up on yourself
  3. Progress is progress, even if it’s “slow”
  4. She’s happy with how she looks
  5. She’s stronger
  6. Her posture is better

The Fitness Transformation

To that end, I say great work. Never stop the questioning process, never settle for mediocrity, and continue being you and excelling. So raise your glass to Esther for making the commitment to change herself for the better. For ever and anon.

And as it happens, I have two slots for coaching opened up at the time of this posting, and I want to help you.

If you find yourself lost on this empty and sometimes confusing road, allow me to be your sherpa.

So head over to my coaching page, apply, and let’s talk. I look forward to hearing from you.

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