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If you’re worried about whether you should have brown rice as opposed to white rice, ask yourself this: am I unable to stop double fisting milkshakes? If you can’t do that, then stop worrying about the minutia. Here are three things to worry about before you get into the finer points of rice selection.

Nail these, and your fat loss goals will be off to a great start.  Also, go with Basmati rice.

Fat Loss Target Number 1: Calories

All the exercising, gym selfies, and gym check-ins mean nothing for your fat loss if you don’t have a negative energy balance. Indeed, you don’t even need to exercise to achieve fat loss. You can do this by exerting tight control on your caloric intake. It is worth noting that exercise will help the process, and exercise will also make you sexy. So while it is possible to lose fat with no exercise, why would you want that?

If you are setting out to lose, and you are not seeing any changes at the moment, there are a few ways you can make sure you put yourself in a negative energy balance.

First, track your food intake. Doing so gives you an idea of your current state. You have many options for this, but the easiest one is to snap a picture of your food. I know you don’t leave your cellphone anywhere, so this one will be easy for you. Every single morsel you eat or drink gets a photo.

Now, you need to change some things. A few of these changes can be real easy. If you’re always walking around with a Coke in your hand, opt for Diet Coke. It has more caffeine than regular Coke, and it has no calories. So it’s a win in both of those regards.

After that, look at your plate. What is it comprised of? Is it full of hotdog infused macaroni and cheese and nothing else? Is there a chicken titty, or some lean steak on there? Is there any vegetable type substance on there? Green is a good bet. Lucky for you, there are a plethora of options besides kale and broccoli to choose from.  If there is a dearth of vegetables on your plate, fix it. If you do nothing else in this article, eat your vegetables. Add vegetables at the sacrifice of your starches. This is a sure-fire way to lower your calories. As an example, if you have a chicken titty, hot dog infused macaroni and cheese, and Brussels sprouts, I want you to make the sprouts and chicken take up the majority of room on the plate. Then you can eat your mac and cheese.

Fat Loss Target Number 2: The Order of Operations

What order do you eat your foods? Do you eat your sour cream loaded baked potato before everything else? If so, stop it. The wonderful thing about green vegetables is that they have a thing called fiber in them. Long story short, fiber fills you up and helps you shit. When you’re sated, you’re prone to eat less. If you eat less, you’re taking in fewer calories. And now you have a feedback loop between one and two on this list. So that is your mandate. Eat your vegetables first.

After you finish your spinach, move on to your protein. I already know you’re working out since you want to get sexy and help the fat loss process. Protein is going to help with that. Not only that, protein will help keep you full. Between your chicken titty and your fibers, you have a winning recipe.

“But what about my garlic bread?” you ask. If you have eaten your vegetables and protein, in that order, I want you to ask yourself the following question: “Do I swear upon my family’s legacy that I am still hungry?”

If the answer is yes, drink some water. Then wait a few minutes. Repeat the question again. If you’re still hungry, eat your garlic bread. Eat it until you are not hungry. Then save it for a new recipe, or give it to someone else.

And if you are, in fact, not hungry when you ask yourself the question, don’t eat the garlic bread.

Fat loss Target Number 3: Exercise

We’ve established that you’re exercising since you want to be sexy. But aside from that, it’s good for your health, and if you make the right choices in your exercise, you can have a little more wiggle room with your food choices; you won’t be lying to yourself or forsaking your legacy when you ask if you’re hungry more often than not.

So what are the correct exercises choices? Since you’re reading this, you’ve handled weights before, so that’s the start. You want to focus on those exercises that move a lot of joints at once. In Supertraining Mel Siff breaks them down as follows:

  • Squat
  • Lunge
  • Push
  • Pull
  • Twist
  • Bend (aka hinge, aka deadlift)

These are your starting points. Get a few of these out of the way every gym session and you’re going to go far. After you complete a few of these, you can move onto other things. Like doing your isolation exercises. If you want nice arms, throw some bicep curls in the mix. If you want some sick delts, throw some rear delt raises into the mix. Just make sure you take care of the important stuff first. Kind of like when you eat.


Thus, it is written. If you start with step one and move on to steps two and three, you will see changes. You will also see a positive feedback loop start to occur, and you will be happier and more fulfilled with your fat loss progress. And once you settle into a nice groove, you can start worrying about whether you want brown or white rice. But you should still opt for Basmati.

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