Exercise Mistakes to Avoid

By March 25, 2015Exercise

If you do this, you could be sabotaging progress

Of all the exercise mistakes to avoid, this one is key

I am referring to sitting on your ass when you are injured or in pain.

Let us say that you have acute back pain. The temptation will be there to rest and sit around and watch Netflix all day instead of doing anything.

Rightfully so, Netflix is awesome and depending on the nature of the back injury, even walking could potentially be painful.

Fry isn't sure if his back hurts or his kidneys are failingHowever, avoiding movement in such a situation might not be the best idea.  On a very superficial level, you have other body parts you can move.

And what if you can move them?

You can make progress.

How do you move when in pain?

Well, depending on the nature of it, you start with one question.

Can I move the hurt “thing” in a way that doesn’t hurt?

Then you ask another question based on that.

If the answer is no, then you ask yourself, “What else can I move?”

If I move something else, does it test well?

Perhaps if your back hurts, maybe you can move your shoulders.

“Can I flex them?”

“Can I extend them?”

And so on.

You keep on going with this line of questioning until you can move the thing that you couldn’t move before.

And then get back into things full swing.

Exercise Mistakes to Avoid: Victoria avoids them and can squat pain free.


There are countless number of exercise mistakes to avoid. This one, to me, is paramount. Many people have issues with pain and immobility and sometimes the two are often associated. But it isn’t the end of the world. You can still make progress, and potentially heal faster by keeping up and moving.

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