How Exercise Makes Sex Better

By June 7, 2016Exercise

 Six reasons to lose weight for better sex

Do you like sex? If you’re like most animals, you do. And the chances are high that you also like exercise. Or you at least tolerate it. If not, maybe this will convince you. Aside from all the other health benefits of exercise that are touted, my favorite benefit is the increased quantities and qualities of sex people can have. So let’s get to the fucking business.

1. You’ll lose your gut

As a man, I love receiving fellatio. Also called a blow job, or “getting your dick sucked,” it ranks high among my favorite sexual acts. As a fat man, nothing is more embarrassing than when you are receiving oral sex while standing, and you have to flop your gut on your partner’s head for rest. If this happens to you currently, it might be time to start a new exercise program. The same can be said of women who receive cunnilingus while standing.

2. You actually have the endurance to bang for more than two minutes

While marathon sex sessions aren’t always optimal, it is advantageous to be able to go more than five minutes without wheezing, and huffing, and puffing.

3. Your sex drive increases

Part of the reason is because of your better circulation. In addition to that, exercise makes sex better because you look better, and have a better self-image. Better self-image equals more sex.

4. More Flexibility

Interracial Lesbian Photograph demonstrating how flexibility and exercise makes sex better

I think the picture speaks for itself. More flexibility yields the possibility for more positions. But if you’re into missionary only, that’s cool too. I guess.

5. You have more strength

Combined with the flexibility, having more strength is also a big advantage when you’re having sex. You can hold onto your partner without the aid of a bed or a wall, for instance. It also makes the more squattier positions a lot more bearable.

6. More Sex

If you are not a complete piece of shit person—that is to say, you have a good personality—you might find the increased aesthetics you now have helping your radiant personality along. This can lead to more sex.


If you are a male, having a smaller stomach can make your dick look bigger.


Yes, these are a few examples of how exercise makes sex better. But the benefits of exercise are beyond the physical. They stretch mentally, too. Don’t lose sight of that.

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