A Cosplay Workout for the Level 2 Player

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A Simple Cosplay Workout to give yourself some more XP points

If you haven’t read Level 1, do so. It will help you a lot.

Movements in life vs. Movements in the gym

One of my favorite characters from gaming are the Snakes. Specifically, Naked Snake and Solid Snake.

If you have ever played the game, you know the Snake family needs to be able to move. And they need to do it well.

The movements they do would be classified as life movement, since their lives are based around doing all kinds of bad ass missions that require stealth and athleticism.

Examples of gym movements would be things like bicep curls, lat pulldowns, and barbell deadlifts.

Nothing wrong with those, but to be good at life, gym movements should be more akin to life movements.

Snakes Life Movements

In the MGS series, snake did a lot of things. In the sequels they were able to do even more stuff.

Some of my favorite life movements from Snake(s) are as follows:

  • Crawling. Both prone and supine.
  • Climbing
  • Tumbling
  • Lunging

I am going to focus on two of those, since this is level two, after all.


This is pretty straight forward. There are also many different ways to crawl, based on your current abilities, and fitness level.

The Snake Crawl uses a lot of hip and elbow movement.

To perform, lie prone, reach forward with your right arm, while moving your left leg along with it.

Push with the left leg, pull with the right arm. Repeat with the left arm and right leg.

Movement one for the cosplay workout is Naked Snake doing his trademark crawl.

Heres a visual example of Snake doing his crawl.

There’s the man himself.


To tumble, do this:

From your starting position (pick one within your limits, it could be kneeling, half kneeling or standing) move your right hand to your left hip, push off with your left leg and make sure you don’t put a fuck load of weight on your neck. It’s more of a shoulder thing.

Cosplay workout movement two, Snake Tumbles.

Solid Snake becomes a bowling ball

There is Solid Snake, doing his thing.

The Actual Cosplay Workout

So after you practice these moves, you can integrate them in a workout. Do these outside, or on a soft surface and be careful.

For the workout, set a timer. Try for ten minutes.

The exercise order will be Crawl, then Tumble.

Follow the elements of effort, first and foremost.

Crawl until you start to slow, then immediately switch to the tumbling. Stop when it gets hard.

Repeat this circuit as many times as you can in the allotted amount of time.

Ten Minutes is too easy?

If you find that the amount of time is too easy, go longer. Or, wait for my follow up where we combine more elements from both levels.


Cosplay Workout Veteran, Mika Nicole

Mika Nicole is probably about level 5 on the cosplay workout circuit. She loves crawling and dressing up like Scarecrow. Not only that, she looks great as a result. Photo by Tobious Photography

So, there you have it. A simple guide on how to construct your workout based on some previously mentioned principles. Give it a try, be safe, and leave a comment and let me know how it goes.

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