I am a Tampa personal trainer, thinker, and geek.

In addition to that, I am a competitive powerlifter and submission grappler.

I train and write about the totality of training both myself and others. I am available for consultation for fat loss and strength training. May the Force be with you. If you have any questions or comments, feel free to contact me.


Send me a raven if you have a question or comment.

Oh yeah, here are some people I have had the pleasure to work with.

Peter Baker Fitness



Peter was extremely helpful to me while I was preparing for IPF World Championships by helping me rehab my back showing me a series of exercises that I conducted daily in order to improve my lower back pain.

Slowly but surely the pain receded over the 6 weeks leading up to worlds and I was able to be at my best on meet day and set the current 93kg IPF world record squat of 303 kg (668 lbs) and silver medal overall with a 798 kg (1757 lb) total.

If it wasn’t for rehab help from Peter, I would not even been able to compete.

  • Layne Norton, PhD.


On a whim, I signed up for Tough Mudder with some coworkers. I knew I wasn’t ready, but at the time I had about 8 weeks to train and decided that was good enough.

Two weeks later, when I realized I hadn’t trained at all, I started panic … That’s when Peter Baker came to the rescue with excellent advice that kept me motivated and helped me avoid injury: Keep it easy.

Then the big day came, and it was fine. I survived a 12-mile, 24-obstacle Tough Mudder — my greatest physical accomplishment to date — and I had fun doing it.


Peter helped me deadlift twice my bodyweight off the floor.

I also won a best lifter award for doing so in a competition.