The Level 1 Player’s Guide to Cosplayer Fitness

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How to boost the stats on your character sheet

Start from your current location

Tampa Personal Trainer Peter Baker engaging in a discourse on cosplayer fitness

A roadmap is useless to get to your destination if you look at another location as your starting point that isn’t describing where you currently are.

In fact, you are expected to start from many different starting points other than what you might be able to accomplish. At least in the fitness world.

Perfectly symmetrical squats, pushups and a myriad of other exercises you would likely only find in a gymnasium setting.

That’s ok. I forgive them, for they know not what they do.

However, I know what I am doing, and this benefits you.

Twee Nee likes to cosplay. She also wants to get better at the modelling portion of it. What does this mean in terms of cosplayer fitness?

Does it mean you dress up to go work out? No way. Unless you want to.

It means you use positions you are good at. Familiar with. They can be broken up as follows, according to Mel Siff:

  1. Squat
  2. Lunge
  3. Push
  4. Pull
  5. Twist
  6. Bend

What are some common modelling positions? Look at a magazine you will see variations of all of them. So we will take two in our example today.

We pick two poses you know and love. One will be your starting point and the other will be your ending point. Your paint A and B, if you will.

Your mission

Your mission is to start in your A position and go from there to your B position.

Cosplayer Fitness Position A demonstrated by Tina

Close enough to a squat to me. Original Photo by Sang Le


Cosplayer Fitness position 2:Tina Demonstrating a modified lunge

Looks like a lunge. Original photo by Sang Le

There are two examples there of positions to be used.

Cosplayer Fitness Mission Parameters

First Parameter

What I do not want you to do is make your beginning and ending points look like Twee Nee’s.


Because you are not her. Everything you have done has culminated into you being where you are now. And you’re style of modelling is not hers. Hers is not yours. Each is your own. As your exercise should be.

Second Parameter

I want you to get from your point A to B in the safest way you can.

Do you have to stand up all the way and switch to the position?

Can you hop and land in it?

Either way, do what you can to accomplish the goal, and over time you will get better at it.

As a bonus, working photo shoots will become easier.

Third Parameter

Have fun and make it more challenging. Perhaps you can add a Point C and transition between three positions.

Whatever you decide to go with, make it safe and make it fun and challenge yourself further.


If you want to get fit, start with what you are good at and what you can do and work within those parameters and you will watch your abilities grow exponentially.

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