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Get your 4-part video series answering your top fat loss problems

  • What can I really eat to lose fat?
  • Do I need to know what a macronutrients are?
  • Are There Bad Carbohydrates?

By the end of this lesson alone, you’ll learn how to eat vegetables AND doughnuts while still losing fat (and not losing your muscle).

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Four Tips so you Don’t Sound like a Dork

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You have a long way to go before you stop sounding like a dork. You have an even longer way to go before you fully find and flesh out your voice in HOW you deliver whatever it is you’re going to deliver. So, you might as well start practicing now. You’ll only get better. 

Sexual Assault and Beyond: How to Speak, Act, and Hopefully Care

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Hillel the Elder, Jesus Christ, and the Golden Rule: A Classic Tale

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Centuries ago, well before the common era, a gentile once thought of converting to Judaism. With conditions, of course. That condition? That a rabbi would teach him the entire Torah…