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Get your 4-part video series answering your top fat loss problems

  • What can I really eat to lose fat?
  • Do I need to know what a macronutrients are?
  • Are There Bad Carbohydrates?

By the end of this lesson alone, you’ll learn how to eat vegetables AND doughnuts while still losing fat (and not losing your muscle).

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Women’s Fitness: Resources by Women

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When I say “women’s fitness” I mean women who are professionals in the industry you might not have heard of. So it is, literally, women’s fitness.

Don’t be a Classist Foodie

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Food choices, like religion, are deeply personal. And just like with religion, it’s easy to fall into a classist trap as you relate to others.

All Right, Fuck Sticks, Powerlifting Isn’t The End All Be All Of Fitness

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There will always be fads to replace the current trend, but improving your movement quality is a lifetime thing.